Raw Sewage Pumps

From the screenhouse, wastewater flows by gravity to the first of 3 pump stations at the treatment plant.  At the first station, wastewater is pumped by a combination of four pumps.  Two of these pumps are powered by dual fueled Waukesha engines. These engines run by either natural gas or methane gas, which is produced in anaerobic digesters at the treatment plant. The other two pumps are powered by electric motors, 50 HP and 100 HP.

The second pump station utilizes two 45 HP propeller pumps to lift wastewater that has been treated by the 1930’s plant to the 1970’s plant for additional treatment.

The third pump station, which contains three 45 HP submersible pumps, lifts water to the final treatment process, the tertiary filter building.

Electric Motor Driven Pump

Dual Fuel Waukesha engines

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