Sewer Backups

Sewer blockages can occur at any point in the private sewer line from the point of connection at the sewer main up to the indoor plumbing attached to your sink or tub drain.  The first step when dealing with sewer backup is to notify the Galesburg Sanitary District, who will then check the public sewer system for any issues possibly causing residential homes in the area to backup.  If this is not the case, contacting a sewer and drain cleaning contractor is highly suggested.  Equipment such as a sewer snake (auger) will reach the backup or even a sewer camera can be used to visually identify the problem.

Backflow Prevention Program

Backflow occurs when the municipal drainage system or city sewer overflows, and sends water back through a sewer pipe into your home. Immediate proper clean-up is required to prevent risk of disease and further damage to property. To prevent this problem, many homes can benefit greatly from a sewer backflow system.

Sewer Lift: A sewer lift utilizes a sewage injector pump which raises the elevation of which the sewer pipe leaving the foundation of the home as it flows towards the public sewer main. By raising the sewer, you prevent the backflow of the public sewer main from reaching the plumbing fixtures and drains, preventing sewer backup from occurring.  The sewage injector pump collects any plumbing fixtures  below elevation of the newly raised sewer pipe, collects the wastewater and pumps it up to the level of the sewer line.

The Backflow Prevention Program is a Sanitary District funded program which will provide reimbursement not to exceed $3000, contingent upon the installation being in comformance with the District.  Once work is complete and all agreements have been met, the District will provide payment to the property owner at the next regular board meeting.  For further information please review the backlow prevention application and example provided on the links below.


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